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COVID Information

As decided at the CBSLSC Executive Meeting held on Monday 15th June 2020, due to the additional overheads the current Government Guideline require us to follow, the main CBSLSC Building and Gymnasium will not be opened to members or the public whilst the current restrictions are in place.

The additional cleaning overheads and increased requirements to volunteer workloads as outlined per the requirements below make opening the buildings unsustainable for CBSLSC. If we breach the social distancing restrictions and receive a fine, this will incur great financial and reputational cost to the club and our members.

Given the current restriction CBSLSC will also refrain from taking any function booking until 30th September 2020. The Executive committee will continue to monitor the situation, as government and SLSNSW directives are issued and will amend the Action Plan as restriction ease

The Patrol Shed, IRB Shed, Nippers Shed, Ski Container and Surf Boat Shed may be accessed by members only as part of the Return to Sport Plan, but the following must be adhered to:

  • Those attending are encouraged to have the COVIDSafe app installed on their mobile phones.
  • Any people who are feeling unwell should not enter the club’s facilities.
  • No groups larger than 20 are allowed.
  • All people entering and leaving the club for a function are required to sign in using the provided Entry Register
    • this register will be storage securely for 28 days and then destroyed. 
    • The information on it, will be handed over to NSW Health should it be requested. 
    • It will not be used for any other purpose.
  • Cleaning must occur as detailed in Appendix B. This will vary depending on the activity being conducted.
  • There must be a nominated and clearly visible person who is responsible for ensuring that social distancing is being adhered to. This person will have the authority to close the area and/or premises if this does not occur.

For full details please read our CBSLSC COVID19 Action Plan and our CBSLSC COVID19 Competition and Training Plan