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Happy to Help

As parents and carers it is essential that you can assist with the running of Nippers including participating as an official or water safety at the carnivals if your child is competing. If you are able to help out, please let us know by completing this form.

It is compulsory that one parent per child needs to be a registered member of Caves Beach Surf Life Saving Club and you also need to be registered to be a volunteer. Some clubs make it compulsory for a parent/carer to volunteer in some capacity at nippers and carnivals, if this form is unsuccessful we will need to consider this as an option for Caves Beach as well as we are very short of helpers!

Your details will be available to the Nippers Junior Committee so they will be in contact with you soon.

I can help by…

1. Being an official at the following carnivals :

Please note we do not have enough officials this year for all children to compete at the carnivals. Sadly some children may not be able to compete due to this. The official’s course is online and if we get enough volunteers everyone could just do one carnival each. Please indicate which carnival you are willing to volunteer at.  

2. Water Safety at the following carnivals:

Please note to volunteer as water safety you need to be an active member of Caves Beach SLSC have a proficient bronze medallion.

3. Age Manager:

To be age manager you are required to complete and online course and attend and education session at the club. The age manager is responsible for running the age group ensuring the nippers are safe and teaching them surf lifesaving skills All age groups have more than one age manager so you will have support of another person to run the group.   Please select which age group you are able to be age manager for.

4. Age Manager Assist:

If you are going to be attending nippers each week on Sunday with your child please consider volunteering as an assistant to the age manager. The duties include assisting with setting up, marshalling the nippers, running activities in conjunction with age manager.  Training will be provided. Please indicate what age group you are happy to help with.


5. Other ways you can volunteer:

If you are unable to help with a job already mentioned please consider volunteering to assist with these jobs. It doesn’t have to be every week you can help but your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your offer of help. It is greatly appreciated.

Please be aware these details will be made available to the Junior Committee of Caves Beach Nippers.   Details you provide will only be used to support the work of the Caves Beach Nippers.  Information you provide will not be provided to organisations outside the Caves Beach Nippers.