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Surf Sports

Competition is a great way to keep fit, have fun and support your club at the same time. Caves are active in most areas of carnival competition and have a proud record of carnival achievements. Contact the club competition manager Troy Grieves on 0437 931 500 for more information.

Do you want to compete at Branch, State and Australian Surf Life Saving Championships

Caves Beach SLSC members are encouraged to compete in HSLS Branch Championships, SLSNSW Championships and SLSA Championships. These events are comprised of AGE (Nippers), Opens and Masters Events.

AGE (Nippers) is only contested as Branch and State level only, although plans are in place to enhance this.

Every season we as a club send competition teams to these events along with supporters and parents. Our teams are among some of the strongest and well supported in surf life saving and certainly past results support this. There are 5 categories of competition, Swim area, Craft area, Beach Area, IRB and Surf Boat. Caves Beach SLSC is the most successful club in history in surf boats and IRB for SLSNSW Championships. That’s 2 out 5 areas we are the best ever!

For reference the competition manual is available on the SLSA website. We have accredited coaches in all disciplines and support staff to assist with your competition needs.

The HSLS Branch championships are held at various beaches in the HSLS branch and typically are held at the same beach for 2 consecutive years.

The SLSNSW Championships are held at various beaches in NSW and are typically held for 2-3 consecutive years. Typically the Opens and Masters state titles attract close to 2-3 thousand competitors. The IRB state titles attract 200- 250 competitors. The Age state titles attract 2000+ competitors.

The SLSA Championships are only held at several beaches in Australia and vary in the time they are awarded to that club. Historically they used to move around Australia from state to state and every one had the chance to see Australia and discover new beaches and places. The IRB Aussie titles have retained this sense of adventure and still travel Australia competing at various beaches and states. Typically the Opens and Masters Aussies attract around to 8,000 competitors. The IRB Aussies attract 500 + competitors.

The patrol hour regulations are enforceable by the club and SLSA. For precise and exact amount of hours required by SLSA, the relevant circulars can be found on the SLSA website or contact your sectional captain.

For information on how to enter, accommodation and events please contact the club Competition Manager or the competition Sectional Captains

Troy will handle all carnival entries and advise and support our Sectional captains. Troy will be looking forward to seeing the maroon and white colours of Caves being displayed in the competition arena. Following is a list of surf carnival disciplines and an introduction to club competition. If you are interested in competing for our club contact these sectional captains who will be able to advise you of training days and times;

  • Surfboats Captain: Hayden Saunders 0432 172 197
    There never was a thrill like cracking a good wave right to the beach. Surfboats since their inception have always been a challenge for their crews and sweeps. The hours that are spent in training to be a good boat crew are countless. It takes skill and endurance far in excess of most other sports. Caves have the finest men and women committed to Surfboat competition. Our Caves boat crews and Sweeps continue to excel due to there dedication to the sport. Come and talk to our Surfboat captain and meet the team.
  • March Past:
    It is heartening to see that the fundamentals of March Past remain. The March Past is the most colourful event at any carnival and displays the true spirit of competition. Caves are currently the only march past team represented from the hunter branch at State and National Titles
  • Board Captain: Rob Carcary 0408 173 625
    Our club has a strong group of junior board paddlers learning many skills to combat all types of surf conditions. Mal will be training both junior and senior paddlers and has boards available for hire and loan from the club. Contact Mal for training times.
  • Beach Flags and Sprint Captain: Flynn Wallace-Smith 0410 441 069
    This event of lifesaving has been a part of the lifesaving competition at Caves since its inception. These events develop speed, timing and fitness, while promoting friendly competition.
  • Surf Ski-Captain: Paul Carter 0413 292 898
    Caves boast a strong master’s contingent of paddlers as well as some quality younger paddlers both male and female. This discipline is the most competitive within surf sport competition. Our Club, over the years has attracted many new members who have reached the highest levels in competition due to the dedication of our Champion coaches and the family atmosphere at our Club.
  • IRB Team Captain: Scott Bryant  0413 745 335
    Before modern lifesaving equipment, Lifesavers had to perform rescue by swimming out to sea with a belt attached to rope. In the current era the most efficient rescue craft is the inshore rescue boat.Competition is held during the winter months to hone the skills of our IRB drivers and crewpersons. There is many,many years of experience in our IRB competitive team .
  • Surf Swim Captain: Gabby Grieves 0488 714 044
    In general surf swimmers within the club train with individual swim coaches. However throught out the season our swim captain Gabby will be hold a series of coaching sessions for more details please contact her.
  • Sunday Club Championship Events Coordinator: Mal Ingram 0421 119 220
    All Club members are encouraged to participate in club competition throughout the year. Events will be held during the season as well as the King and Queen of the beach competition which is a one off competition day contested at the Christmas break up day, giving the winners bragging rights to be King or Queen of the beach for twelve months (nippers only). Jason is this year’s club competition coordinator and will be looking for you on the start line this year. This is a handicapped fun competition that will improve your skills on the sand and in the water.