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Caves Beach SLSC Management Committee Meeting
Nov 17

Caves Beach SLSC Management Committee Meeting

Date & Time
17 November 2020 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Please be advised the first Management Committee Meeting will take place on Tuesday 22nd Sept 2020 @ 7pm in the upstairs auditorium of Caves Beach SLSC.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions can all members please access the auditorium via the southern entry and please ensure you maintain social distancing guidelines. 

Event Location
Caves Beach SLSC

Saturday 21st Nov 2020
Senior Proficiency Day
All members who hold their SRC, Bronze, ART, and IRB qualifications need to attend an annual prior to the 31st Dec each year to keep their award current. Please ensure you attend to remain an active patrol members and ensure you meet your requirement for competition. ...