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Senior Club Championships
Jan 31

Senior Club Championships

Date & Time
31 January 2021 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM

Senior Club Championships will be held at 8am on the following dates:

  • 6/12/2020
  • 20/12/2020
  • 31/01/2021

These Championships are open to all proficient Bronze Medallion holders. The aim is to encourage club members, including nipper parents, to use this as a means of keeping fit, meeting other club members and learning new skills. It is meant to be a FUN competition.

Events will be organised and conducted by the ran by the Club Competition Manager Mal Ingram and will

  • Swim, compulsory
  • Board
  • Ski
  • Ironperson
  • Sprint
  • Flags
  • Other nominated event only if time allows.
Contact Details
Mal Ingram

Sunday 31st Jan 2021
Nippers Pointscore
Our final point score is Sunday the 31st January 2021 for U9s to U14s. Start time for U13 & U14 will be 8am and for U9, U10, U11, U12 it will be 9.30am. It is conducted under carnival conditions and in accordance with the current surf sports manual. Please remember this is for your kids to experience and utilise their surf skills in a friendly competition environment. Please be aware that all decisions made by any official or age manager is final and no discussions will be entered in to. ...
Saturday 6th Feb 2021
2021 HSLS U15s to Masters Championships
For more details please contact Troy Grieves on 0437 931 500 ...