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This event has ended!
Nippers Presentation
Mar 15

Nippers Presentation

Date & Time
15 March 2020 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Date: 17th March 2019

Time: 11am arrival time with first awards presented at 1115am sharp. 


1115 sharp - Club awards presented downstairs weather permitting.  

1130  U/6 awards presentation upstairs

1140  U/7 awards presentation upstairs

1150  U/8 awards presentation upstairs

1200  U/9 awards presentation upstairs

1210  U/10 awards presentation upstairs

1220  U/11 awards presentation upstairs

1230  U/12, U/13 and U/14 awards presentation upstairs.

Please note these times are a guide only and the idea of the schedule is that the little ones do not have to sit through a lengthy presentation. Please be prepared that times may vary, however we will be aiming to keep on schedule as much as possible.

From approx. 1130am we will have our kids DJ Robert Coombes playing music downstairs to entertain the kids. Our DJ will be playing for most of the afternoon so hopefully you can stay around after the presentation. If the event of bad weather the schedule may need to change and please look out on Facebook on the morning of the event for any changes to above info.  

After the presentations have finished we will be cooking a BBQ and each nipper will get a sausage sandwich, can of drink and a ice block.

There will be no jumping castles this year, we have opted for a DJ insteadJ.

There will be no water or sand events run during this day, just the presentation, DJ and BBQ.

We hope you can come along for a fun family day where we congratulate all our nippers on a fantastic season.

Any questions please contact Jodie on 0429996640 or Stacey on 0419288558.

Event Type
2018-19 Nippers Presentation
Event Location
Caves Beach SLSC

Wednesday 4th Mar 2020
2020 SLSNSW Masters and Open Championships
Senior Competitors please contact Troy Grieves on 0437 931 500 for more details ...