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2020-21 Junior Information

Welcome new and returning members to the 2020/21 nippers season.

Due to the restrictions in place for community sport due to Covid-19 and the ever-changing situation our nippers program will be run in a different way this season.

Before I outline the changes we have implemented I would like to assure all of our members that Caves Beach SLSC are committed to running a fun and enjoyable program for all our nippers whilst adhering to our covid-19 safety plan and any directions we receive from our governing bodies, NSW Health or the Government.

The committee have been working tirelessly to come up with the most plausible options to be able to run our nippers program this season. Below I will highlight the structure of nippers for the first half of the season and will then give you a brief explanation of why we have chosen to run it this way.


  • Under 6, Under 7 and Under 8 age groups will participate in their nippers program on a Friday afternoon. This program will begin on Friday the 30th October starting at 5.30pm.
  • Under 13 and Under 14 age groups will be run on a Sunday morning. Beginning on Sunday 25th October from 8am – 9.30am.
  • Under 9, Under 10, Under 11 and Under 12 age groups nippers program will be held on a Sunday morning. This will commence on Sunday 25th October 9.30am.


This format will run until the Christmas break which will see the U6, U7, U8 finish up on the 11th December and the U9, U10, U11, U12, U13, U14 finish up on the 13th December.

The committee will be reviewing this structure in line with the restrictions in guidelines in place in December and communicate to everyone any changes that may be made for the second half of the season.

Things will also look different once you arrive at the beach, as part of our Covid-19 safety plan we will be requesting that all people in attendance sign on and we strongly urge everyone to download the COVIDsafe App.

Given current restrictions only qualified personnel, including age managers, water safety and the committee will be able to help in the running of the nippers program.

We are requesting that where possible and in line with current guidelines that one parent attends with their child (this excludes age managers and water safety).

If you would like to become an age manager or become qualified to do water safety please speak to one of the committee and they will be more than happy to point you in the right direction (you must be a financial member of the club to do either of these jobs).

The structure of nippers has been set up this way to give our members as much chance as possible to participate in our nippers program.

With current restrictions in place there is a maximum limit of 500 people allowed, this includes not only our nippers, but also their parents, age managers, water safety and the general public. Once the council lifeguards decide that the beach has reached capacity, they will close it and all activities will need to be ceased. It is for this reason that we have moved our three biggest age groups to the Friday, in doing this it dramatically decreases our contribution to beach goers on a Sunday and allows them to maximise their time in the nippers program as we generally see less beach goers on a Friday afternoon. We can run these age groups on a Friday as they also have limited water activities and therefore, we do not require the same amount of personnel as the older age groups.

We also need to ensure that the use of equipment and cleaning of said equipment is carried out appropriately and this can be easily managed by separating the groups.

We will be strongly advising under the current guidelines that our nippers turn up, participate and leave.

The surf club at this stage will remain closed and no access to the change rooms will be given.

For us all to do our part in keeping each other safe we are asking all parents/carers to support us in meeting the government requirements and stay Covid-19 safe by

  • Completing your registration online via the SLSA Member portal
  • Staying home if you or your child have any Covid-19 symptoms or unwell or have been to a known Covid-19 hotspot in the previous 14 days
  • Ensuring that only one parent/carer per participant attends
  • Ensuring that you sign in with correct information when attending nippers (information is kept for 28 days as per government requirements and then destroyed)
  • Maintaining physical distancing (1.5m) while spectating
  • Bringing your own sunscreen, water bottles, towels, goggles etc (Nippers will be required to carry their own equipment, unfortunately buckets will not be provided for their drink bottles, goggles etc)
  • Arrive at nippers dressed with cap and pink rashie on ready to go
  • And remember turn up, participate and leave.

Once dates are finalised for proficiencies we will circulate that information so please keep an eye out for that.

Club swimwear can be purchased online at

Age group caps and rashies can be purchased online through the members area when you are completing your registration or via the club website

We recommend purchasing these as soon as possible to ensure they are ready for the start of the season.

Please note age group caps and pink rashies are compulsory and must be worn to participate in nippers (we will not be able to provide caps or rashies to nippers who forget theirs).

For all clothing information please contact our clothing coordinator Lee via

For all registration info or assistance please contact our registrar Caitlin via Full information on how to complete registrations online can also be found at

We will endeavour to keep you all updated as things change, and we thank you for your understanding under the circumstances.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on