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Junior Introduction

Caves Beach S.L.S.C junior members are provided with an educational experience in a wide range of activities which will prepare them to become a lifesaver in the senior movement. Caves “Nippers” is also about having fun, making new friends, keeping fit and learning to be safe at the beach.

For all information regarding our nippers program please see our 2018-19 Club Handbook

The skills and knowledge range from identification of common beach safety rules and basic first aid, including resuscitation, surf skills, and surf sports. Each age group has an award to gain so that at the age of 13 after successfully completing their Surf  Rescue Certificate (SRC), they are able to assist as a junior member of a beach patrol – the very essence of what the Surf Lifesaving movement is all about. That is providing efficient and effective surf rescue patrols on our beaches.

The junior movement can be a very rewarding experience for the whole family. Not only do the children learn important beach and water skills and enjoy the friendships that come with belonging to a club, their parents can also gain valuable knowledge and discover personal satisfaction in participating. Parents are encouraged to consider participation in the full range of Surf Club activities such as gaining their Bronze Medallion, becoming Age Manager’s, Competition Officials and Water Safety (Bronze Medallion is required to be water safety).

At Caves Beach our juniors participate on Sunday mornings, the under 13’s & 14’s begin at 8.45am and the 6’s up to 12’s begin at 9.30am. Nipper will start on Sunday 14th October 2019

Parents are also encouraged to assist on Sundays by either becoming an Age Manager, a Water Safety Officer, non-swimming beach events helper or just a general helper. There are many jobs to be done that also require expertise possessed by some of our parents ie. board repairs, knowledge of plumbing, carpentry etc. Hands are always needed in the BBQ area and particularly on occasions like hosting a carnival or special functions.

We do have several functions throughout the season. Regular BBQ’s after Nippers, King and Queen of the Beach Day for under 8’s up (This day is proudly sponsored by Impact Trophies), A Christmas party for all the Juniors and their families, comprising of jumping castles, entertainment and special visit by Santa and our Junior Presentation Day at the end of the season.

We appreciate the generous donations received from our sponsors, however, a certain amount of fundraising is essential for our very existence and a dedicated effort by all makes it easier for everyone. Just ask how you can help.

How do I become a Caves Beach Junior? It’s Easy!

Boys and girls aged Under 14 as at 1 October of that year are eligible to join. Children must also be 5 years of age at the time of enrolment.

If they are not 5 years old before the 1st of October they may join the nippers on their 5th birthday up until December 31st.


To complete a registration please contact our Club Registrar at

If you are joining the club you will need to obtain your “WORKING WITH CHILDREN. It is now legislation and strongly enforced by Surf Life Saving Australia. Therefore we must comply. Simply go online, register, go RTA and complete the process. It is free and mention you are a volunteer and member of a surf club. YOU MUST HAVE THIS NUMBER IF YOU WISH TO REGISTER. This lasts for 5 years. Your registration cannot be completed unless you have the working with children number.

The link is

Getting your children involved in Surf Lifesaving is very rewarding for the children and parents alike, they learn essential life skills, make lots of new friends, keep fit and you have the peace of mind that as they grow older they have the skills and knowledge to be safe when visiting the beach. Who knows your child may become the next Hunter Branch and NSW Junior Lifesaver of the Year as we have at our club this year or even go on and compete in the Nutri Grain Ironman or Ironwoman Series.