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Patrol Requirements and Obligations

As part of a patrol team or an Active Reserve member you have a basic obligation to attend your rostered patrols.

If you are unable to do so you MUST arrange for a substitute to attend in your place. Preferably, someone with the same qualifications as yourself. Then, return the favour whenever mutually agreeable. Alternatively, contact an Active Reserve or Long Service member (remember that Long Service members are not obliged to perform patrols, but many are willing to assist if needed). Always let your patrol captain know about any substitutions.

If all else fails, please contact Jason Gay - 0438233119.

NOTE: If you are rostered onto Patrol on the same day as a Surf Carnival, it is NOT OK to attend that carnival and compete if you don’t have a substitute for your patrol.

The ramifications of non-attendance can include penalty patrols, competition privileges for ALL club members (juniors, seniors and masters being suspended) or the worse case… we may loose our 79 year long impeccable record of no lives lost.

Patrols rosters are subject to change as membership changes. Refer to this website or the newsletter for changes that may happen.

If in doubt refer to the The Club Constitution or call your Club Captain!