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Caves Beach Patrols

Teams, roster and latest patrol hours

Patrols rosters are subject to change as membership changes. Refer to the SLSA Member Portal for your most current patrol roster:

SLSA Member Portal

If you need to arrange a swap for your rostered patrol this can be done using the member portal.

SLSA Patrol Swap – Members User Guide v2


  • If you cannot attend to your patrol commitments, you must arrange a substitute (ideally with equal awards). Please try swapping with someone on another patrol or call up an Active Reserve or Long Service Member. Always notify your patrol captain!
  • All patrol members must be registered prior to performing a patrol, please contact the Club Registrar (membership )Tina Main  to register.
  • All patrols teams must be comprised of at least 3 bronze medallion holders, with the following awards held within the patrol (Basic Beach Management, IRB Driver, IRB Crew, ARC)
  • All Patrol Captains MUST have completed a “Silver Medallion – Basic Beach Management Course”.
  • To clarify anything about the teams, rosters or your patrolling obligations, please contact your Club Captain/Director of Lifesaving

Jason Gay - 0438233119 

For more information regarding surf safety please use the SLS Beachsafe website