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Training sessions are not a compulsory part of activities but all children are encouraged to attend to further increase their Surf and Beach skills.

Please note: Children must be financial members of the club and proficient before they can participate in Swim and Board Training.

Only those children in the U9 and above age groups and who have completed the required SLSA competition skill evaliation can participate in club based Board and Swim Training 

Swimming Training

Swimming is encouraged; the best place for all swimmers to start is in the pool.

Its highly recommend that all children learn to swim and continue at swimming classes or squad training as part of there individual training. Swansea pool has coaching for all levels.

Beach and Sprint

Training times will be posted soon.

Board Training

Training times will be posted soon.

For the Parents

We are in need of more parents to become officials. If we do not supply the required amount of officials and water safety at ALL carnivals the number of children allowed to enter each carnival will be restricted. Preference of entries will be given to the children of Officials, Water Safety, Age Managers and Junior Activities Committee.

Interested parties please contact